Saturday, September 19, 2009

So it feels like Fall is here!

When the crisp air of fall arrives and the leaves start to lose some green I always imagine that I own the "Shop around the corner" in "You've got Mail" and I am setting up the UWS store window with autumn leaves and bails of hay. Stop it delusion, you are living in the real present world, remember? Oh that's right.The real me fights the urge to go apple picking, because the reality of paying $42 for apples versus $1.29 a pound at Shoprite seems wrong. The real me fights the urge to make jam out of everything, why am I really an 80 year old woman in a young, vibrant, 30ish year old body sometimes, why?
When I was eight years old my parents had some friends over, two other families, both with moms, dads and two kids each. I had this idea that we should not have a regular dinner but make our house a restaurant. This is one of the reasons why I loved of my Dad, he said, "sure why not?"
So I put a sign on the door that read "The Ferentinos Inn" and I made small menus that had the only things my dad made pizza bagels, shake-n-bake chicken, tuna melts, and spaghetti. I wore an apron and ran around taking orders and delivering food on paper plates. My brother and I always laugh about it now, considering we laugh about everything from our childhood now even the crazy stuff. We figure we survived so let's celebrate. The thing that always makes us laugh, is the fact that no one questioned why we had a fake restaurant and the fact that I was taking it very seriously at the time. Keeping water glasses filled and getting food delivered on time was priority. Once in a while I think , maybe I should open a real restaurant? I mean I have very small catering business that I run to support my dream of "world domination" and I cook pretty well but, actually I am alright with just the memory of the "Ferentinos Inn" being my only restaurant with my Dad cooking, my Mom confused and my brother and I laughing!
Happy Autumn, thanks for reading...xo, Vicki

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