Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I may have eaten 12 doughnuts......

Well, I tend to be a women who says "what did I learn from this situation? and how can I change it for next time?" as I inhale an entire pizza secretly in a dark corner. So needless to say those coping skills have added to some stubborn unwanted belly fat. Trying to pursue my dream of ruling the world, this extra weight is just weighing me down so it has to go. Which means I have to be honest with some of the closest of relationships in my life. OMG. I know it seems easy considering I tell perfect strangers my most embarrassing moments in life on stage you think it would be easy to say to someone I love, you really hurt my feelings or I don't think that is fair. You see I was raised knowing one truth, if you are not bleeding you are fine, go back outside.
Well yesterday I may have eaten one dozen Entemann's mini donuts, alright no may, I did it. The night before I heard a loved one trash talking me on the phone well maybe not fully trash talking but just being petty and instead of saying a word I woke up with dried chocolate glaze on my neck. That was as sad as it sounded. So today in order to avoid any drive-thrus (my personal favorite, why do they even have a place to sit, it should just be a giant place with multiple lanes and a bathroom), I decided to confront my loved one. Confrontation (wow I must be maturing) has not always been my strong suit and in the past whenever I do it I stop in the middle and say out loud, "wow I can't believe I am standing up for myself" which sometimes negates everything I just said the prior minutes. Well, not today I said my truth and they got it and we made a mends which made the clouds part and daisies spout, not really but I didn't feel the urge to add chocolate syrup to my coffee which seemed completely logical prior to our chat. I am also (thanks Wayne) having some new head shots taken next week and having a french fry stuck to my face is not what I am going for. I am a super hero, just like everyone else, I just forget it once in a while. Keep fighting the good fight which means "NO I don't want any ice cream". Yes I believe we are beautiful and sexy any way we are I just want to feel as sexy as the nail polish name I am wearing which happens to be called "hot whore". Thanks for reading. xo, Vicki

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