Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a few lists...

When my life seems to be moving I make lists, usually on scraps of paper and sometimes in journals. From as basic as the grocery list to my long term life goals- I try to complete what is on my list. I once made a list on what I wanted in a guy, it started out the basics- intelligent, employed, kind and then became three pages long with specifics like: tells hostess "table for two" yet not controlling, will get up at baseball game to get snacks, that list may have gone too far.
So here goes my first blog list, please feel free to add a comment with your own list or wish. It will also let me know that people are actually reading this. I am thinking that government health care may not happen yet so, being uninsured, I think of this as free therapy.

MY WISH LIST- (I give myself up to 3 months or three years)- this list is in no specific order:

Do laundry (this is immediate)
Trust instincts more (always ends up true just sometimes self doubt sabotages- oh silly girl)
Smile it will all be great (remember it is all great)!
Eat more fruits and vegetable (either really good or really bad at it)
Email more clubs to do more road work.
Buy Cute jacket ( I am thinking red)
Sign with a legit agent
Great love (the one that should just find me when I don't look for it)
Fun love (the stuff that can keep me busy in the mean time)
Dress for me and have fun, no more plain jane!
In the moment right before something great happens hold on and don't doubt it!
Go to the eye doctor (I think I may need glasses or may have googled too much)
Stop any thoughts of people who live in drama (my list is too long to waste time)
Always feel pretty or fake it (until it works)
Always feel sexy or fake it (until it works)
Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the others gold (sorry girl scouts)
Sweat more (turns out my adrenal glands work so faster on that treadmill)
Lose my stubborn unwanted belly fat (I now have sparkling personality so job done belly fat)
Figure out where I really want to move to (this is a three month not three year plan)
Spend less on ??? (I don't know sometimes I feel like it disappears, money where are you?)
Make the world better (contribute more to the greater good)
Take my vitamins everyday (am pretty good just skip a day or two)
Buy cuter underwear and matching bras (I used to do that and well I need my sexy back)
To finish the screen play I am writing, go to Hollywood and make it (Just like Rocky)
Have my own tv show (I am thinking the Vicki Burnett Show)
Get a really good skin care regimen down (I tend to go through phases and buy new stuff often)
Buy a sexy red dress that I can act surprised in when people notice, "Oh this old thing?"
To live on the beach (I love watching the ocean)

That is it for right now, thanks for reading and please add your own wishes. You won't have to forward it to seven people in the next thirty seconds to make something magical happen at exactly 11:59 tonight- I secretly feel slight passing anger at friends who forward those to me, do what I do forward them to email addresses that you make up on the spot- like john1425@hotmail- how bout making new friends?. xo, Vicki


  1. I have a very similar set of goals for the next 3 years. I don't feel like it's a competition though. I feel like there's enough of that for both of us. I wouldn't want to compete with the Lady Bug Warrior.

    (We met at a Shrink.)

  2. No competition Kevin, I am not the only person who looks good in red. Thanks for reading.
    I like the Butterface video.
    (I remember Shrink show)