Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am back and admit I am a bad blogger in foreign countries

So, I am back, actually came home two nights ago. Edinburgh was a magical experience, I know magical is a big word but it was it made me more confident, think a bit and feel like this is a great big world out there filled with people who are all pretty similar. I walked past a beautiful castle everyday and had coffee surrounded by people with lovely accents.
So the down sides- cost a bunch of monies (knew that going in), sometimes late at night the city seemed like it was filled with youth that were one beer away from fight club, had one terrible review "called me a wanker" that for about a day and a half made my sould die a little bit, I handed out over 6000 postcards during this time and thought "wow I should do this for a living".
The up sides- I lived in Scotland for a month and visited Rosselyn Chapel (from the Divinci Code), met amazing people, performed my show straight for three weeks and people got it- laughed, hugged me and had fun, I also formed friendships that will hopefully stick with talented wonderful people, I saw the Chippendales (I have been single a while and started thinking, are my lady parts broken?)- well thanks Chippendales they are not!, I left for Scotland at a cross roads and feel like I now know what I need to do next, and I did have some amazing reviews that reinforce most people get it.
I think I will blog more frequently now so if you are reading this, thanks.

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