Wednesday, September 23, 2009

old friends and the WWF

I have to admit facebook has helped me find an old friend that I lost touch with eight years ago. I feel two ways about this internet, lying about your age is over- thanks and I spend too much time learning things about people I don't even think about spending time with, why do I do it? I do think it is handy to look up "how to" of anything, like recipes my favorite is , I use it as a starting point for ideas very helpful. I also like to check my horoscope, only believing the good ones of course. I also joined the WWF the other day not the wresting federation just the weight watchers family, I am using their website to track my points etc, I am actually doing this for real not like another time I joined where I just ate crackers for three weeks and then crashed and burned quickly.
Due to the advance of the internet I have had full blown relationship with people in my head, from beginning to end. I will meet someone in real life, then google them then know everything, read their blog they made four years ago and forgot about, saw their little sister's wedding photos, found out they are a Republican and then we are over before we even began. It is funny I like to think that the universe has a plan but I can't believe the blue prints have been made by google. When I thought about writing this blog I thought, oh should I worry about what I write in case one day I become a senator? what, not happening. Then thought tell the truth, as I see it at the moment and who cares. So, boring or not my blog is all the truth. Oh yeah, so my old friend, his name is Tony and we met on a film we were both working on (wow 9 years ago) it was the same film set I met my last ex boyfriend on,oh well you take the good and then bad and there you have the facts of life. So, I had searched for Tony before, he moved to LA 8 1/2 years ago and well now he is on facebook so calling him later today. I also think he has been found in this universal plan to convince the tiny bit of fear in me to just move to LA already. He loves it and he was kind of my twin in a way, well at least in my mind. This blog entry was all over the place- to recap : internet good for some things, it is always fun to reconnect, WWF is going to work- day three, and have a great day!
Thank you for reading. xo, Vicki

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