Friday, December 3, 2010

And Now The BOOTS!

I forgot to mention them last blog entry...sorry I got preoccupied with my sexual identity which I neglected to do for years...sorry the boots. They are cute three inch chunky heel brown suede boots that have nice laces and are tough in a very sexy way.So that was the boots.
It is soooo amazingly funny to me the instant I decided to stop believing my own bullshit, I couldn't stand to listen to anyone else's. Like I have a bullshit detector built into my head now and mid sentence I want to interrupt someone and be like, I hear it, you hear it....your spreading bullshit. Like that card game, you just yell it out. It is almost involuntary, I see the text, the email of someone lying to me and really just lying to themselves and I want to just cut to the chase and be like, STOP IT. Just tell the truth, be you, whether it be shitty, or good, or on your way to better. I get it, believe me I was shouting about being a super hero for a few years but forgot to be me, truly me but since I am me now and overly vulnerable, ready and willing to tell the truth no matter what, confident in my actions, and honorable in my actions I say ----NO MORE BULLSHIT!!! Believe me it never helps, you think it does because you put a pretty bow on it, or you cut your bills into snowflakes for the holidays, or you just inhaled an entire cake but feel empty inside, or you prayed to a G*d while you stepped over a body. None of it matters or gets better until you get real. Wow....that is scary. REAL is so scary. Like admitting you can't afford something (oh my what will they think), or you don't like something (they make think I am bad), or that you want something (selfish). Bullshit never looks pretty under a Christmas tree but a paid visa bill, an open heart, a sincere apology.....priceless. Love yourself and be Real. AHHH, that felt good. Have a great day and go get some cute boots, thank you for reading. xo, Vicki