Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So Equality? huh? well I always felt equal.

So this week in our United States of America our Supreme court is hearing two cases on whether I am equal...well they are not "me" ....but they effect me....they are the prop 8 case in California and DOMA which to me is the worst one. It involves the word Defense and well we gays are not attacking anything we want equal rights to marry the one we love so.... I digress.
I am writing because I read the polls that say the views of are nation have shifted, hear the arguments presented in court, but those comments on some of these articles are as backwards as you can get. I grew up not feeling less than, incapable, or hindered in any way. I grew up thinking I was a ninja who could do anything and do it with dignity and hard work and sometimes stains on my shirt, but I am working on that part (nah always be a character flaw).True I did not realize I was gay till my thirties, though kind of knew I was different when all the girls liked the popular boys and I wanted to emulate them not date them. After coming out fully, I have had  moments of nausea wondering, "will I lose clients?" "friends?", "family?". Some friends did go away but really didn't fit anyway and client wise, my business has grown because so has my confidence.....and family well they all showed up for us at our wedding, so good there. I realize I am luckier than many and I am thankful for it. For a long time I felt guilty that I did not pay a bigger price...I guess not being truly happy for years was one but I am thankful to all the people who have gone before and stood up before the tides were changing, before the acceptance rate was growing. Who came out when doing so meant being ostracized, fired, disowned or worse.
These cases are about whether gay people are equal, not whether we feel less than it is about our country and whether we are going to be told the country I love, live, work , was born and grew up in looks at me as less than. To hear supreme court judges compare homosexuality to murder says everything about them and nothing about me. I believe in my love, my marriage, my country, and it gives me pride to see all the equal facebook signs and the outward support and love for each other. This is not a moment that makes me question whether I am "less than", it is a time I question if you think so, "are you?". thanks for reading, xo, Vicki