Monday, August 20, 2012

An important open letter (please read).....

When I was 22 my dad died of a brain tumor and a year ago my mom passed away from Alzheimer's , and if either were alive today I would be writing to them, however since that is not possible I am writing here. My blog where I have shared too much some times to probably very few, but thank you for reading this, truly, because I need to be heard.
I was raised with the idea that the "world is my oyster", that I can be and do anything I want if I work hard enough and live with dignity and had character. Growing up in New Jersey, in a middle class family, raised primarily by my single mom who worked very hard to make sure we followed by her example. Her ability to persevere , have dignity and be fair made her honorable and not always likable but definitely respected. I went to Rutgers, opened a small business at 22 and bought my first home at 24. I went bankrupt after assuming responsibly for my ailing father and have had success that I never expected at times. 
I have always believed in this most important statement, " we are all created equal". Never have I felt less than, inferior, incapable ...any of it. I came out of the closet a few years ago and felt even more confident and capable because frankly honesty and truth can never be taken away, it is empowering. I married my now wife two months ago and am thankful and happy, very happy. I am writing all of this because I feel slightly unnerved for one of the very few times in my life. Constantly , especially during this election year, I am hearing how as a woman, a gay woman in particular, I am less entitled to be part of the statement " we are all created equal". I know that the parties who make harsh criticisms, make sexist and homophobic statements says much more about them than myself. It talks about their fear and fear makes people say and do very stupid things. Trust me, worst choices I ever made in my life had some sort of fear behind them. I understand the economy weighs heavily on people's decision making this election, as a small business owner I understand, but without our basic fair principles  who are we as a nation anyway? I am asking, especially if you are a parent  who wants to instill in their children that they too are capable of being and achieving anything they wish, to vote to re-elect President Obama . "Fair is fair", I knew that as a kid and thankfully still know that as an adult. I miss and appreciate my parents very much. Thank you for reading and more importantly for remembering this November that "we are all created equal".
Xo, Vicki