Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrity Chefs and Beauty Pageant Contestants

I am on a mission, well a few different missions, one mission is money, which is to build my savings up and pay off any debt so I said "hey universe how bout making money?", well the universe answered and I have been super busy, YAY! I have been catering a lot, performing some, and teaching a bunch. This past weekend I cooked at the Food Network Food and Wine show in NYC and I was at the first real comfort food booth after a row of alcohol so needless to say each day I used up my box of 2000 toothpicks. One day I even had to break some in half, it was hard work but I loved it. I either work 1000 hours straight or am in vegetative state. When I work I work, I think this probably comes from the "you're fine unless your bleeding" rule I grew up with and even if I was bleeding at the show I threw on another pair of rubber gloves. I guess I always think everyone works like this. There were celebrity chefs there and a bunch of cameras and model like people and some just hard working chefs who worked and worked to make amazing food for the whole weekend. There was also this chef in a booth near me who , can I really say it?, was "worthless". I think I was pms-ing and over tired but being an ex beauty pageant contestant is not enough, stop flirting and having your picture taken with Fabio and cook. Wow, I hate when those nasty feelings come over me, I am always like, "where is this coming from?", "am I jealous she is pretty?", no, "am I envious she gets by by doing very little?', no I think my need to work hard is bigger than that. So what then, why did I feel the need to toy with the idea of asking "where is jon benet now?", I know cruel. We did make a mends at the end , I had a secret war she didn't even know. that tends to be my thing I work out my issue,examine my feelings, see how feeling that way is helping me, and then move on before the person ever knows. Wow, I am really evolved or really hate confrontation. That was beauty pageant how bout celebrity chef, well after the weekend I was teaching, cooking and chatting with Rachel Ray's people, I love to cook and if someone said "hey funny super hero girl, want a fun show where you can be creative, funny and make food?" I would say "of course, thank you, great." The thing is I make 95% of my money currently from food and the making of so time to time I go through the , "well maybe I will just open a little place and slowly build it, write a cook book and go from there." I don't mind wearing socks or a jacket anymore when it is cold, my signals I am maturing. I also think working smarter not harder and asking for help is a good thing, again signs of maturing. I just still have a dream to be on tv and film and make people laugh, I know not the practical route. I can't give it up and I think I am reminded, this could all be hoo- yee, all the time by signs, like last night I catered a wine tasting for forty. I stayed, poured, chatted and five people took my card, three for catering, one to see me perform, and one because her sister produces the today show and she loves to connect people and she liked me. I am taking that as a sign. I also don't think any one thing is "it", another sign of maturing, I think me moving steadily in a direction that is good for me is "it". Yes I do check once in a while this craigslist ad for this tiny cafe in western nj but I know my heart soars when I get to perform and never does that happen when I fill a cream puff. thanks for reading. xo, Vicki