Saturday, September 12, 2009

I know I have this prejudice.....

So Ivanka Trump is getting married, nothing I feel nothing about it. My mother tends to read the newspaper aloud and so I now know about Ivanka and her country club wedding that used to be $250,000 to join and is now $150,000- Oh recession. I noticed a prejudice I had a few years ago and I am trying to get past it and figure out the root of it.
You see I like the Seinfeld show and I especially liked Elaine and when I found out that Julia Louis- Dreyfus's father was a billionaire I didn't think her dance was as funny. I know it is wrong as I said, I am admitting the problem and trying to deal with it. I admit it- "I don't count people's accomplishments who come from money as high as people who don't".
Here's my theory, could be totally wrong and no one may be reading it anyway, so here goes we are told who we are from birth. So if you are a Prince or an Heiress you probably don't have the inclination at age 12 to bag groceries, you feel above that not even above it, it is not even in your thought process nor should it be. People always say money does not buy happiness, true but I rather be a child in a shitty situation with a bowling alley than just a child in a shitty situation. This is seeming bitter...I think I have said it wrong, I like a story, I think people who have lived life appreciate joy more and feel empathy a little bit more.
So, how does this effect my daily life, well I made a new friend and I found out his parents bought him his giant NYC apartment and his family's company has him on the payroll, I know him and he is a nice guy- lucky him right. Here is when it gets sticky, he has tantrums and does not understand why people don't immediately respond to his emails- which I want to say well they are probably at work. I noticed success in the arts takes a few things- talent (hopefully), and tenacity. Sometimes it is difficult to afford tenacity and being on your family's payroll helps.
The reason why I want to get past this prejudice and figure it out- I am single, no way you are adorable, I know. Well single none the less, and I used to date men who had stories, who also tended to be socially retarded and I thought I had the insight to understand them because of their troubled tales. I have spent a few years shedding my troubled tales, figuring them out, figuring myself out, and to meet a guy who still wears his battle scars of life is exhausting and been there done that. I want to meet a guy who maybe had a happy childhood and still values hard work. Wow, or even a guy who just gets it and at least realizes his hang ups were cause and effect. I had one crush since moving to NYC and this guy is a comic and he had this crazy childhood (the old me intrigued), he would also wrestle me on the street and flirt like a 12 year old (the old me -wow I understand he never learned how to communicate with adult women). So in summation, I welcome a man who came from money, I will not think less of you. I also want to be incredibly successful, tv, film, etc and want children one day and that means they will come from money so I will try not to think any less of them either. Congratulations Ivanka (wow I am really getting over it)! Thanks for reading. xo, Vicki

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