Sunday, December 13, 2009

what you talkin' bout Willis?

That Arnold, oh such a card. I realize I am a single woman, in my 30's, with a couple of cats, temporarily staying with my Mom, unsure of the exact next step of my life, an optimist, a sometimes silly but spiritual person, not afraid to fail, likes to be chatty but also quiet, can cook you under the table and may have made a giant gingerbread house with my nephews that looked exactly like the house they live in- however it still stings a tinge to not be one of the cool kids.
Last night I performed in a show that followed another show and the room was packed. I walked in feeling cute and also slightly nervous having not performed in two weeks and also noting the rooms average age, a good guess, 24. I knew a few people said hello, and the standard greetings, and then saw some cool kids, the ones that kind of look you up and down, add up your function in their lives and respond accordingly or not at all. I never worried about fitting in, I think coming from a wacky house I just wanted to appear "normal" what ever that was and by the time my preteen angst came about I "walked to the beat of my own drum", a favorite phrase my mother likes to use to describe me after telling people my brother is a CPA. So, cool to me is being aloof- a quality that I was spared, they were like give her thighs but keep aloof so I am terrible at it. However, when ever my nerves get to me and I absorb some of that vacuumis energy I become this person who fakes "normal" like the wall to the real me comes up and I try to play the aloof cool game which for me comes off as slightly retarded. It seems like I always take 4 steps forward, three steps back and yes you guessed it cha-cha-cha. No really I am always learning a bit more, feel more confident, blah, blah, blah and then retreat slightly. So what's the answer? Be cooler, NO, laser shoot these people in my mind, NO, maybe, NO, just keep going, doing my thing and realize the cool guy from HS is now selling insurance and has a beer belly. But, I hate that answer, like the "I think less of you to think more of me" because I am really an uncool cool. So, I decided to just keep refocusing, doing my thing, and maybe not wearing trouser socks to the next "cool" event. The people who were in the show I was in, were not aloof and were very fun, we were just out numbered. Thanks for reading.
xo, Vicki
PS- I did run yesterday- #365- and I lived, and still question the sanity of runners, sorry may try again. #364 challenge- still unknown- but I will do it before midnight tonight and will update tomorrow. Please, even anonymously, leave me some comments with "never have" challenges for me, my brain is still frozen on "slightly retarded".
*** the word retarded is used in this blog to describe actions that say exactly how I feel and in no way reflect anyone who has any learning challenges.

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