Sunday, December 6, 2009

so red it is....

I went to art school and dropped out after a year and a half and then went to a park, well that is another story to be told at another time. Art school was a pretty good experience and one class in particular always stands out- color theory. It was basically a class about how color effects you and how it effects each other. Like when you put a blue green paper on a blue piece of paper the blue will come together and the green will pop or how black paper makes everything pop on it because any light is bright on the dark, you get it. I notice the same thing with people. I think we are all made of all parts- good, bad, happy, sad, cruel, kind, etc. Each one of us just has a certain chemistry or mix at any given time that makes each one of us individuals. I am confusing myself as I type this, sorry...the point is I talked with a friend who complains all the time and noticed I started to complain about things that I could care less about and then I noticed I hung out with a friend who can be a bit bitchy and I started to well be bitchy. I don't think it is the other person making me any sort of way but like the paper the like colors come together. I realize we are all kind of works in progress and even Gandi probably had doubts and second guessed himself and wanted to be petty but he didn't let those thoughts win inside himself. I am just a person trying to live a life that contributes something good to this world, trying to learn, and enjoy the moment. I think the dark parts- like anger, fear, and bitterness are easier sometimes because they thrive in insecurities and to be honest I have had my share. I admit I am not completely on my A game yet (more about B+-B) and I am making daily choices to try to be a stronger and stronger person so my insecurities are falling away. Don't get me wrong I still feel like saying f*ck you sometimes, or being petty, however I want a challenge in this life because truthfully the f*ck yous and the petty parts are easy I hold them right in my mouth...the kindness, understanding, forgiveness parts are harder because I hold them in my heart and soul. Light stands out in the dark.....and I choose to wear red. Thanks for reading! xo, Vicki

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