Saturday, December 12, 2009

365 days till.......

First I have to admit I am fully aware that this blogging thing is a self indulgent thing for me with that being said more about me. Stop it, no really that being said I have decided to take on a personal challenge for the next 365 days, why you ask? what kind of challenge? Well back ground for anyone who is wondering, flash back 4 years 3 months ago - I was living in Sparta, NJ, a cute town on a little lake, living with a mean little man who was as shitty as I felt, and trying my darndest to make ends meet, unhappy and no idea how to change it. Flash back 3 1/2 years ago, sold my house, killed the troll (not really just made him leave), and moved to NYC, made a list of things to do because I really had no idea what made me happy. List read: Punk rock guitar player, glassblower, perform something....that was the start. So each week I dragged my newly bought guitar to lessons, I took a few trains to Brooklyn to learn to blow glass, and I started taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Then CBGB's closed- I gave up on the punk rock dream, had fun blowing glass but not my medium, and discovered stand-up comedy and love it!!! So flashing back to the present, I moved back to NJ a few months ago to save $$ for my next move, did a one person show "Lady Bug Warrior" and working on tweaking it and doing it again, and performing stand up a few times a week. I am kind of at a plateau, and feel like I need to shake it up a bit again because having any down time usually causes me to google any physical ailments I have, and at this point having self diagnosed myself too many times I should already be dead.
I need a personal challenge- so here goes- everyday I have to try something I have never done before (or in a very long time)- as simple as eating a tangelo, or as daring as tight rope walking, or as bold as telling someone to F off at the second I think it (never have said to anyone unless in jest). So besides my regular blogging I will include my daily challenge. Today, duh, duh, duh- I will run (not walk) 1 1/2 miles, I know I can't believe that this is true but I would say it is safe to say that for at least 15 years I have never had the inclination to run, ever. I have fast walked a bunch for miles but never kicked it up. So here goes challenge #1- if I never write again that means I didn't make it and can say Running is bad! - I probably will survive- knowing now that my heart rate rising is not a sign of death but merely exercise. Thanks for reading! xo,

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