Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stop sending me your news...

so evidently some universes have screwed up and I keep having to read about Tiger Woods and his affair, accident and FIFTY FIVE MILLION dollar offer to his wife to stay with him for two years. I am changing my plan from getting in shape and becoming David Letterman's intern to becoming Swedish and marrying Tiger Woods for 55 million for two years, you know I would do it for 50 million. WHAT???? My first paying job in life was at the age of 13 (lied on my working papers) and I made $2.93/hr and when I worked a forty hour week during the summer I never broke $200. At 13,221 dollars per hour (the 55 million rate/2 yr) I may have completed college, hell I may have gone to grad school. I know, I get it, love and money are not the same thing. My first relationship in life, well my first everything, lasted for 6 years and I always thought we would get married and have kids, etc. We broke up right after my 22nd birthday after I found out he cheated on me with a bank teller. Yes, I was so crushed that I lost 9 pounds in a week and could barely function. We had a box of items that were mainly from the dollartree store that we were saving for our first apartment, I didn't want any of them. The last thing I remember doing was helping him pay a month of his car payment at no point was there an offer of $55 million dollars, I admit it knowing what I know now I would have stayed if there had been, hell I would have given him a kidney. My last relationship lasted for five years and we lived together and it ended when I was 32 (just yesterday), that one cost me a few thousand to finally get him packed up and on the road. There were tears, heart ache, and then dancing after the final door slam goodbye and again at no point a 55 million dollar offer. I am far from a gold digger believe me my standards have finally risen to employed and I believe love and respect can move mountains but you could probably move a few for 55 million, sorry I can't help saying it. The point is as I type this some comedian is giving their all for $25 or less, some person is cleaning toilets for $7.25/hr, and some woman/man is staying in a shitty relationship for nothing. I do dream of one day making a bunch more money than I do now and being in a relationship with someone who is loving, wonderful and successful, but I admit because of Tiger Woods I have found out my price. So if your question has the words 55 million dollars in it..... my answer is YES!!! Thank you for reading. xo, Vicki

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