Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm sayin it.......

I know I write a lot about my weight and maybe it is not your thing but for me it is a barometer of how my life is going , like can't fit in a movie theater seat-may need meds- or exercising daily- credit card bills probably paid- you get the point. SO what about right now-duh, duh, duh- well I am working it, trying to trim down and actually trying clothes on when I buy them- fat girl me just buys them, tries them on at home, they don't fit and then I hang them up and hope for a brighter day. Well some of those bright days are here and some of those clothes are starting to fit too bad some of them include shrugs- it may have taken a bit too long. So, the point, about 2 1/2 months ago I joined the weight watchers and have been going each week and staying for the meeting, blah, blah and it is working, I also feel happier and I have stopped referring to the weigh in lady as a Nazi. For the skinny reader, at a weight watcher meeting , everybody shares, people give advice, it is like chubby group therapy and I like it. If you know me, you know I have a gift to gab so I think they like my recipes and silly banter, etc. Today's meeting was about holiday parties, and one woman raised her hand completely concerned about three parties this week and what was she going to do, etc? the leader asked if anyone had any advice. My mouth opened and out it poured (I realize some people were born with this thing called a filter- I was not-it has been at times a good and a bad thing- never can predict which way it will go)- my words to the scared partier- "Get a great dress that makes you feel sexy and beautiful, focus on the friends, fun and the fact that you are so hot. The hot girl is not the one with powdered sugar on her shirt, she is the one who is bubbly, chatty and confident. The lonely girl is at home eating the spinach dip with the bread bowl, be the hot girl." I couldn't help myself. I know every thing we say in life is really for ourselves like the cop who says behave, is also telling himself to - you get it. So, I guess I needed to be reminded to be the hot girl. So I bought a red dress. I really did ask myself , in the past, "what would the hot girl do in this situation?" and now I realize I am that hot girl. Rock on! thanks for reading! xo, Vicki

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