Monday, November 2, 2009

so you want to be a rockstar

I went to see "where the Wild Things are" yesterday with my 8 year old nephew- side note- James Gandolfini looks great. My nephew Jack is the oldest of three and well when he was born I kept saying "I think he may be a genius"- he now reads a lot and is pretty smart- self fulfilling prophecy - who knows time will tell. I also said about my second nephew when he was born "looks like a drummer"- that one may be off. So on the drive back to his house he asked me "do all good singers become famous?'- oh my gosh does he read my mind like if I have talent and persistence will it all work out or am I just deluded and in need of picking up my discounted prescription from Walmart? ahh well again time will tell. So I took a breath and gave my answer, I am practicing doing that, taking a breath before answering questions like, "can I borrow money?" or "will you clean my bathroom?" , take a breath and then answer rather than commit to , well you get the point. So my answer- talent, tenacity, a bit of luck, a sugar daddy- (I took that one back), and desire may be what you need to be famous as a singer and even with all that you never know, realizing my answer was against everything I believe in I said you have to go for what you want in your heart until you get it or your heart changes it's mind. I then added some of the best singers are probably the ones who will never be heard they just enjoy singing and have never felt fame etc had anything to do with it. I then said most of the time I perform for no money and I have to make money from catering, etc in order to keep working for my goal and that one day (hopefully sooner than later) I will be paid enough that it will become my sole income. He then asked "well then why do you do it?" OMG- I know don't make me get real here- breath- "I do it because there is nothing better than being in a room full of people who connect with your train of thought and you can make them laugh, think, smile and escape. I also like the way you can say the most honest things and apologize for none of it." He got it- genius- I got it to, well I knew it- I just sometimes forget when my credit card bills come or you do a show and the host brings you up as a vagina or a crack head (these were female hosts- let's ban together ladies- for the greater good- shall we?). Since getting back from Scotland I vowed to only perform for fun and or money. That is harder than it sounds, granted I can have fun in a doctors waiting room- not always the case in comedy. I think fun and or money should be my blanket rule for everything- like should I talk to that person who is a real drag- breath- fun and or money? NO. thanks for reading. xo, Vicki
I know I am a perfect candidate for a Language Arts 101 class, so thanks for flowing with my flow. I felt a little hip hop there. happy week!

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