Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes, well sabotage....I was teaching a cooking class the other night with four types of raviolis and cannolis needless to say I was not going to even start eating with the class because I knew I would eat one cannoli then ravioli and then spiral into being awake at 2 in the morning making funnel cake. My brain works that way, either very good or very bad. Since I have been doing points mildly successfully I knew to not even start, I told my class to enjoy as I cleaned up, they understood that I am on a mission but my assistant who is also on her own mission kept negotiating with herself like, "well I will let myself eat each ravioli" and "some hazelnut bark"- it did look beautiful I have to admit- and " I will have a cannoli if Vicki has one." NOOOOOO! I am not having a cannoli I don't care if you shame me I won't do it. That is when one of the students screamed out "SABOTAGE". I laughed and she was right, my assistant was unconsciously trying to sabotage me well more importantly herself. I know it because most times I do it to myself. SABOTAGE--- like when I feel like crap because someone tries to set my worth for me and then I eat like crap or waste time watching reality tv all day rather than living in reality or when something I thought would work out doesn't so I waste time obsessing over it. Sabotage. thanks for reading. xo Vicki
PS . I just bought pants two size smaller than I was before, what cannoli? No I don't think so.

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