Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goodfellas and the Prius

Here's the thing, I watched Goodfellas again yesterday, if you have no reference to that movie or what it is I am way to old for your eyes and stop reading now. There is a part of me that loves that movie and sees myself in it with the react only will load your body in the trunk and dig the hole attitude. I know you wouldn't guess that a women who bakes cupcakes and loves those dancing flower Prius commercials would also love the idea of vigilante justice. I am aware that Goodfellas is anything but vigilante justice , they are family who murder, deal drugs, and intimidate but they also live and react from their gut. I love that.
People always have a misconception, they think the guy with the piercings and tatoos or the women who is always screaming with her leather jacket are the tough ones, not true. I think the lady who bakes muffins, volunteers, feeds her neighbors cat and does the nice thing because you should is the tough one. It is like the junkyard dog a lot bark tends to mean very little bite and not wearing your strength as a shield probably means it is your core. How does this relate? Well in my life right now I am making some choices like, where should I live? can I afford certain relationships? what do I want and how do I make it happen? It has taken me a few years to get back to my inner strength and voice, it was always there I just forgot about it and I looked to other people to guide me on the right move or I looked at them as a barometer of where my life was, like a reflective property. As my confidence grows I realize again that my voice is the best one for me and my voice says "I am a ninja who bakes, tells jokes, volunteers, loves her family and is no ones bitch....anymore." The bitch part was for dramatic affect but basically true. Thanks for reading!
xo, Vicki

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  1. Go Vicki!!!! That was inspiring - thank you!