Friday, August 7, 2009

Shiow Time- Day 5

Day 5- SHOW TIME----
Okay just to quickly add on to my first entry this woman Nancy also managed to raise over 2 million pounds and open 2 children's hospices. Done- you get it amazing people, fortunate to have met them.
So it's show time---- the city is packed with people but being from NYC just seems like people in time square with no car horns and people say hi back to me, I am so used to speaking with out a response sometimes that this is so refreshing and surprising at the same time. So my first show is tonight, unsure if two or a ton of people will come. I know some judges from Amnesty International are coming- they give out this Spirit award- which makes me think We've got spirit yes we do, we've got spirit how bout you?- just a bit of cheerleader envy flashback. I am not sure if my show will fit the spirit award however I do remember being 14 with my best friend Allison at an Amenesty International concert and having Bill (an old frind who is now the friend on Tori and Dean who just married his partner- small world) teaching us how to smoke cigarettes for the first time. I will try to keep that story to myself tonight. I am not sure if anyone is reading this however I am having fun, walking a TON so feeling truly lighter in my super hero cape. I will check in tomorrow to let you know how the first show goes. Sunday I get five minutes to compete for Britian's funniest female. Go Vicki Go! sorry my internal monologe.
xo, Vicki

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