Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first Edinburgh Entry

The Adventure began two days ago........
I came to Edinburgh two days ago to do the fringe festival which starts on Friday. I came with no real knowledge of too much just excitement, 5000 postcards, a show and the belief that it would all work out for the best. So far, I have checked out my location, it is nice and I have my tech rehearsal tomorrow so I am sure all should be fine, I have handed out a bunch of postcards and hung maybe 50 posters so far. People of Edinburgh are incredibley nice, me- "Hi, I have never been here before, my first show is Friday, may I hang a poster in your window" them- "welcome, of course, find a good spot, here I'll help." I know, I know, I love it. So, I also am staying with the most amazing people in the world I don't mean like, gee they are amazing to me, they are great to me, I mean they are amazing, I know because I watched their movie last night. This amazing woman Nancy had a son in her early forties after going blind, then her son at two has a metabolic disease which leaves him home bound, and fully dependant on her, than her husband dies of a heart attack, she continues to care for her son fully blind on her own then a few years later an incredible social worker named Jack comes to visit falls in love with Nancy and Daniel and they marry. That was when Daniel was 11, he passed away this March at the age of 31. I woke up this morning and told Jack I thought he was Sir William Wallace of Brave Heart. Sometimes, my mouth just goes. So my homelife here amazing, oh and yes today Nancy with her seeing eye dog Nathan handed out my Lady Bug Warrior postcards. The city is great, I am looking forward to wearing my cape on the streets tomorrow. I feel like I am not sure what will happen the rest of the 26 days however the first two were pretty great. Thank you to everyone- my friends, family, new friends and everyone else. Til tomorrow...I am a wee bit sleepy.

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