Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I admit my shortcomings.....not the whole cake! (important)

...maybe you can relate or not but you know when you start a diet or make some good changes in your life and you feel pretty great and your fat pants start to get very loose and even your skin feels healthy and you feel good...hell great and there is this confidence that grows that makes you think...I can take home the rest of that cake from a party because I rock and I know portion control now and look how hot I am and then after a shitty day or a bill comes you forgot you still owe..... you find yourself waking up with crumbs on your pj's and swollen fingers...yeah that may have happened.
I kind of woke up finding Mitt Romney in the poll lead.........and he kind of looks like my fat pants.
I admit it, I became actively political for the first time this year. Started volunteering for Obama's campaign, donating, hell we even had a bake sale and then I started to get a little over confident like...yeah the country gets the blatant difference and of course wants the right guy to win...yeah...I'll take the cake home. But getting up again, finding that voice that you worry may ruffle some feathers of people who want to bury their heads in the sand and saying this is important! Very important!
I am not even sure this is his campaign slogan anymore but to answer his question, "Is my life better than four years ago?"
My answer, Hell Yes! You see four years ago, I was cooking, doing comedy, single, and well pretty much broke. I was so broke I had to make a last minute call and instead of renewing my lease, I called my mom to ask if I could move back home with her for the first time since my early 20's till I could get back on my feet. She thankfully let me and with shame I did that,  moved back to my brother's old bedroom and started to pay off the debt that I had accumulated and figure out my next step in life. I am grateful for that year , especially the time I got to spend with my mom. I started my catering business 11 years ago and four years ago I had the worst holiday season I had ever had, so bad I was selling crafty items I made in front of the MET. When I moved back with my mom I got a job teaching as well as my catering to make ends meet. That was my four years ago: single (well I was sleeping in my brother's old twin bed so my prospects were pretty slim), very few catering jobs and with very low budgets, working a million hours in a job I was not passionate about to get back to even.
Fast forward to today, my business is doing great, thankfully have had the best year since starting, married to the love of my life in a state that recognizes our civil liberties as equal, and we are looking to buy a home and move out of our nyc apt in the next few months. So yes my life is better...hell of a lot better. I take none of this for granted and I know that I was fortunate to have the breather that my mom afforded me for the year of my life I stayed with her. I know that , what I do is not glamourous and I work hard and Obama is not with me scrubbing floors at 2am however the economy is better for me. My confidence and ability to live an open, honest life has been changed these last four years and this last year when our President announced he supported marriage equality it meant a great deal. What some people don't get is when you grow up thinking, "I am just not a great joiner" or "I march to the beat of my own drummer", the reality is blending in is nice and being equal in your country you were born and raised in with important, very important! So that covers financial, social, oh what care? Well, when I was 22 I became legally responsible for my father who had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was unable to make decisions for himself...six months later he died...a year later I went bankrupt. So it is my understanding with Obama's health care program that would not have happened, my father still would have passed but I would not have been marked with ten years of destroyed credit. So, currently credit in the high 700's. Oh and I am a woman and would go toe to toe with anyone who can honestly give me reason why women should be paid less, and have less say about what happens to their own bodies....that is just ignorant...literally ignorant!
So FOUR YEARS later....MUCH BETTER, thank you! Yes I am proudly supporting the re-election of President Obama...and you should too!
Thanks for reading my very long run-on sentence.

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