Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking a Leap...again....

So.....leap kind of feels like a day to get started back to getting started. The whole Internet thing is funny and rarely do I write anymore and rarely do I think anyone reads it, however once in a while a friend from the past pops up who says, "just read your blog and learned a lot about you", to which I wince thinking..." much crap did I write about myself?", in my pj's while drinking too much coffee alone in my apt? Well, last night I actually read some of the crap and I think I am doing okay. I started writing this blog in 2009 basically for free therapy and it was kind of like those self indulgent carrots you give yourself to say..."see world, I am a person", kind of like those Christmas letters people send bragging about their kids or the email blasts you get saying "I am important...see look at all I have going on". But truthfully I started the blog to just remind myself I was supposed to live this life and do all the things I was afraid to do and trust it would be fine if I kept moving forward. So...I read some stuff and my life looks a bit different then three years ago... my weight well (trying to shed some more before getting married in June) , oh yeah that,in love, engaged, happy, also had some success with food, performing, etc..learned some lessons. You know the good to yourself and the world follows suit..that is always a good one and realizing that more people come to the pity party than the parade was a tough one but a good one to learn. I have seen some rough stuff in my life, was with both my parents when they took their last breathes, have had heart break, been down on my luck, etc but truth be told I still think life rocks, if you have clean water and can still see the blue are doing pretty good. So for me right now I feel blessed and thankful that I am doing pretty great. I guess I needed to remind myself of this, that I am doing great and to keep moving forward...I never dreamt three years ago I would ever be this happy so I can only imagine what three years from now has in store. Enjoy your leap day and you life, thanks for reading! xo, Vicki

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