Sunday, October 17, 2010

F*ck cool.....

Stop I know so shocking, I swore with a little star thing, probably has a real word for it, but again I went to art school no English required. Those four little letters always get me, ahhh COOL, I used to love cool and find cool people mysterious and aloof but the older I get and the more I get to know these people I just think of that other four letter word ......LAME. Lame, exactly I mean alright I will give you Sting, I think he was probably born cool and no matter what even during his awkward tween years he was probably still cool. So other than Sting and maybe Prince before all that symbol Bullsh*t (again with the star), cool to me is nothing to aspire too and after the age of thirty you should run from cool, Run Forest Run! An uncool fictional character who was pretty f*cking awesome if you ask me, and if you are reading this than you probably would. The single mom who works three jobs to keep food on the table is cool, the person who gives without asking to receive, Cool, the part of you that reminds you to live with dignity, self respect and honor is the cool in all of us. Wow, I have had an amazingly busy past couple of weeks so this blog entry is being brought to you by overtired no sugar coated hopped up on coffee me, my cool me. The one who sometimes trips, falls, cries, laughs, smiles, spills jelly on my shirt, dreams big, says hello, tells too much, laughs too loud ME! And according to my nephews I am the coolest of the cool so there you have it. I realized this bit of my "f*ck cool" attitude when I was comparing notes with a friend. We both liked two different people, these two other people seemed mysterious and cool, we both found our selves nervous (not a norm for either of us), we also found ourselves feeling not up to par, self aware, etc. We both shared the same ahh-ha moment, these people weren't cool or interesting they were librarians in John Lennon's clothing. They were boring and uninspired and their aloofness was because they actually had nothing to say or going on and they were too busy deciding in life what they thought was cool that they missed the whole point. The whole point being my best memories so far are the messy ones, the real ones the unexpected ones, my favorite people are the true ones, the honest ones, the solid ones. Cool is cotton candy, I want and Apple! Thank you for reading....xo, Vicki

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